3/20/2020 Update and Corona Response

What’s up baseball fans,

It’s time to talk about Coronavirus and the impact it will have on this campaign, website, and plan going forward for 2020.

We’re not going anywhere, but we do have to be fluid to respond to the changes in the Minor League Season.

What’s happening: As of right now, MLB and MiLB operations have shut down in response to Coronavirus. It seems unlikely that baseball will start before June 1, and as much as it sucks for fans, it’s much worse for the players, MiLB front office staff, operations personnel, gameday employees, and all other people who make an income working at a ballpark.  

Does this help Minor League Baseball and the #SaveMiLB Campaign? I think it hurts Minor League Baseball. in addition to stopping baseball, Coronavirus has stopped much in the way of development with the PBA and the future state of the Minor Leagues. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop the countdown to the September 30, 2020 PBA expiration date. This campaign will continue the fight to save these 42 teams, but the strategies going forward are going to more fluid in order to best accommodate the uncertainty of when the season will start.

Going forward I will be keeping you updated on information that relates to the contraction of the Minors, any information related to the start of the 2020 season, and try to get some sort of registry with news on this information made available. As things progress I will be posting updates on the SaveMiLB.org social media accounts.

I have had some great outreach and promise you that we will be resuming the fan video campaign so that it coincides with the start of the season. In the meanwhile, if you want to make one please do! If you need some inspiration check out what the Missoula Paddleheads have going for them as part of their #SaveMyTeam campaign.

Stay safe everyone,


Published by savemilb

A lifelong baseball fan that frequently spends many spring and summer evenings enjoying Minor League games across the country. #SaveMiLB

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