2-18-2020 update: IA, MA, TN, MT, and NC

Hi everyone,

We have a couple quick hits to discuss as full-squad MLB workouts begin during Spring Training. While I am thrilled to have baseball around the corner, it also means that we as fans need to step up our efforts to keep all 162 Minor League teams in operation. Some recent news:
NBC’s The Today Show featured a piece on Minor League Baseball featuring the fans of the Lowell Spinners and their owner David Heller. Mr. Heller owns 4 teams, 3 of which are on MLB’s Chopping Block. He’s not the only businessman looking to have his teams taken away by MLB. Boyd Sports Group owned by Randy and Jenny Boyd also owns 4 Minor League affiliates in Tennessee and is threatened with losing 3 of his affiliates as part of MLB’s efforts to reduce the Minor Leagues. I have been fortunate enough to attend games at stadiums operated by both of these groups and can speak highly about the fan engagement and experience at these ballparks.

-Big shout out to the Burlington (N.C.) Royals of the Appalachian League whose social media campaign to save their team has incorporated several members of local government into their efforts to save the team. As it stands, only one member of the Appy League (Pulaski Yankees) is safe from reduction. Many people from Burlington have been vocal against MLB’s proposed reduction of the Minors, they are a great example of a community coming together to support a team.
Also, some big news! I will be expanding this campaign to YouTube (Save MiLB) that will soon be uploading videos on topics related to all things relating to saving Minor League Baseball. Much more to come soon relating to that!

As always, if you want to get involved or have questions about this topic please feel free reach out to me.

Yours in Baseball,


Published by savemilb

A lifelong baseball fan that frequently spends many spring and summer evenings enjoying Minor League games across the country. #SaveMiLB

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